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TANKA Straps… Soft and Comfortable, Guaranteed!

Why Buy an Inferior Guitar Strap When You Can Get the Best American-Made REAL Bison Leather Guitar Strap Available?

– Ideal for home use and for taking the show on the road. Go play your new gig in comfort and true classic American style!
– When you invest in a TANKA guitar strap, it’s backed up with a lifetime guarantee.
– These guitar straps are great for any guitar! What do you have, an acoustic guitar? Electric guitar? Bass? It’ll be perfect for that.
– Measures 2″” or 3″” wide depending on the model. Perfect for any guitar player and the best guitar strap you can get!

This Premium Guitar Strap is Comfortable and STRONG!

– Just like that old leather belt you love, these straps will only get more comfortable with time! This is excellent quality bison leather.
– These American-Made straps were built to be the best, by the best guitar strap manufacturer out there. One of the smartest guitar accessories out there.
– You can adjust your TANKA strap from 37″” to 58″” to make playing your guitar more comfortable based on your body and playing style.

See Our Great Product and Seller Reviews on Amazon and You’ll Know:
1. We ONLY Sell the Best Products on the Market
2. Who We Are & How We Treat Our Customers (Cool Surprises & Personal Support)
3. You Can Trust Our Guitar Straps are Made in the USA by Folks Who Take Pride in Their Work!

We 100% Guarantee (Replacement or Money Back) ALL TANKA Straps!


    TANKA Straps Are Made with 100% American Bison Leather and Will Support Any Guitar

  • Made in USA

    Our Straps Are Made in the United States by Folks Who Care About Their Craft

  • Comfortable and Soft

    You Honestly Won’t Believe How Soft This Bison Leather is… It’s AMAZING and Perfect for Long or Short Sessions!

  • Adjustable

    You Can Adjust Your TANKA Strap from 37″ to 58″ so You’ll Never Grow out of It

  • Guitar-Safe

    These Straps Have Sued-Style Leather on One Side so They’re Much SOFTER AND EASIER ON YOUR GUITAR’S FINISH. Keep in Mind, The Suede-Style Side Will Flake a Bit With Use But it Will Only Get Better and More Comfortable!

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