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As promised, I’m posting some guitar hanger installation instructions with pictures on this page for those of you who are visual learners (like me). I think a lot of you are right-brain type people so hopefully this will help you out! As always, you can shoot me an email or give me a call if you have any questions.

Choose a location for your guitar hanger. Hanging in a wall stud is always the best option but if that’s not possible, don’t fret! Use the anchors provided with the guitar hanger to hang it anywhere you like. Don’t worry, they’re Hercules strong! We actually tested these puppies up to 75 pounds although we only recommend about 20 pounds (more than enough for any guitar you’ve got).

Using a level, make sure the “level line” on your installation guide is perfectly level.

Once the Guide is perfectly level, Tape the guide to the wall.

Using the provided drywall screws, press an indentation into the drywall to mark the exact spot where your anchor will go.

Make sure to press hard enough that you will be able to see the mark on the wall when you’re ready to remove your guide.

Do the same thing for the bottom mark on your guide.

Remove the guide to reveal the indentations that you’ve made in your drywall. These will serve as a guide for your anchors.

This is what the holes in your drywall should look like at this point. As long as you can see them, you’ll be set for the next step.

Using a regular #2 Phillips Head screw driver, drill the top or bottom anchor into the wall where your hole marker is at.

Make sure to keep the anchor at 90 degrees to the wall, or perpendicular.

Screw the anchor in until it is flush with the surface of your drywall. If the surface of the anchor is slightly higher than the drywall, you don’t need to worry, the guitar hanger will still be secure and look good. Repeat this process for the other drywall anchor.

This is what your drywall and anchors should look like together once both anchors are installed.

Line your guitar hanger holes up with the center of your anchors and use the provided screw to fasten the top screw first and then the bottom screw. This is easier than installing the screws from bottom to top. Don’t tighten completely at this point.

Your guitar hanger yoke will come with a small plastic cap on the end of the threads that protect it from damage during shipping.

Make sure you remove this cap before trying to install the yoke… You’ll have some troubles if you don’t!

Install the yoke by inserting the threads into the gold fitting near the bottom of the guitar hanger. Turn clockwise until the yoke is tight BUT NOT TOO TIGHT! If the yoke can’t swivel at all, it won’t be able to accommodate odly-shaped heads and won’t swivel to find the best fit for your guitar.

Annnnnd… here’s the finished product, my friends! Looks beautiful and is functional as well.

As you can see from the image to the left, since the yoke isn’t tightened too much, it was able to swivel to accommodate this guitar head/neck. One side of the yoke is slightly higher than the other to best fit this unique shape.

This is how you adjust the yoke for differently sized guitar heads/necks. Don’t worry about breaking it, it’s Made in the United States of America and TOUGH!

And that’s it, folks! Remember, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email or call me at any time and if I don’t pick up, I’ll get back to you ASAP if you leave your name and number.

Thanks so much for your business and I hope y’all keep on pickin’!

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